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Pushing Through the Cracks by Emily J. Johnson

Pushing Through the Cracks is available now!

Reading Pushing Through the Cracks is eye-opening. It is a sad look into a family's extreme issues with mental health and addiction, and the medical system. Heartbreaking, emotional, sad, and infuriating. And one mom's extreme battle to find help where help does not seem to exist.

Who do you go to when your family is in trouble an no one will help? Waiting list after waiting list. And a son who cannot even leave the house due to anxiety. Then, even more challenges come as he develops OCD, another son has a gambling addiction, and their step-dad's alcohol addiction is discovered.

How can one woman withstand so much? How can she keep going day after day with these stressors, no help and no end in site?

A vivid look into the home of one family in extreme distress, doing the best they can to literally just get through each day.

Pushing Through the Cracks by Emily J. Johnson


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