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Remembrance, a short story – by Charles DeMaris

Remembrance, a short story - by Charles DeMaris

Remembrance, a short story – by Charles DeMaris

I received this short story recently from the Author, Charles DeMaris. When I got it, I didn’t realize it was a short story, or I would have read it much sooner. It’s very short, just 5 chapters, but what a wonderful message in those chapters! I feel like I am left with something to keep thinking about… We have power over our feelings, and each feeling will take us on a different path. We can choose anger, sadness, forgiveness in situations in our lives. Is there anything in your life that you’re struggling with how you’re feeling? This book might be the nudge you need to change how you’re feeling. So well written, such a message.

It starts with a retired Police Officer visiting his wife, Maria’s grave, as he has been doing for 30 years, a few times each week. He is still grieving after all of this time. Grieving for her, for the life they should have had, for the lost life of this young mother who never got to know Rick, their son, beyond him being a baby, so much time they should have had, but didn’t … so much was lost when Larry Jennings killed her.

There is so much regret, so much pain. So many what if’s. What would you say to the person who did this? The person who took away your love, your life, changed your path? What if you came face to face with that person?


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