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Roll With It – by Jamie Sumner

Available October 1

“Roll With It” by Jamie Sumner is a very real book. Real in the sense that it talks about a lot of big issues that middle school kids face. The cliques, the have’s and the have not’s, who lives where, how to handle the first day at a new school. And, Ellie is going through all of it in her wheelchair.

When Ellie and her Mom need to move to help care for her Grandparents, Ellie cannot believe she has to start over at a new school. And, she has to convince her Mom she isn’t a baby anymore. After a terrible first day that leaves Ellie in tears, is there any hope?

At home, Ellie is determined to be a professional baker. She loves it and she’s really good at it! Determined to make her dream come true she practices all the time.

When her Mom plans a new pick up and drop off plan with neighbors, Ellie is not happy, but sometimes new arrangements work out. Who ever would have thought that after a rough start, Ellie might never want to leave?

Heart warming, a family filled with love, a kid with courage, friends and big dreams make this book a winner! –Green Gables Book Reviews

5 stars! Your Middle School Age kids will love this book!

Roll With It-Jamie Sumner

Available- October 1, 2019

You can pre-order here!

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