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Saving Meghan – by D.J. Palmer

Saving Meghan – by D.J. Palmer

Saving Meghan – by D.J. Palmer

I really enjoyed Saving Meghan! I read it so quickly that I had to go back and reread portions to do this review. It is a book that is hard to put down and the subject matter is so relatable! As Mom’s, when our kids are sick we search and search to help them feel better and to figure out what is wrong. I happened to get this book in the mail when we had a medical issue in our family. It made me think even more about the characters in this book! I just passed this book on to a younger friend of mine. I think she’ll be able to relate to Meghan, but she’ll also see the medical side of the book-she’s going to college to be a Nurse! Absolutely, no question, 5 stars!-Janell

Teenager Meghan just want to be a regular girl. She wants to go back to being on her soccer team and she wants to hang out with her friends. Instead, she feels sick more often than she feels well.

Meghan’s Mom, Becky, just wants her daughter to be healthy. She wants to know why this is happening and how to get Meghan the treatment she needs. When she’s not caring for Meghan, or taking her to Doctors appointments, or worrying abut Meghan, she is scouring the internet, trying to find out what is wrong with her beautiful daughter.

Meghan’s Dad, goes back and forth about his daughters illness. He’s not sure if he fully believes she is as ill as Becky thinks she is. Dad sees things first hand when Becky is heading our of town to go see her own Mother. Meghan faints in the backyard and he needs to rush her to the hospital.

Doctors and Specialist cannot find anything wrong with Meghan, not physically, anyway. Is this all in her head? Or is her Mom doing something to cause her illness? Then, one Doctor says a word that changes everything…

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