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“Shatter” by Charisse Moritz

Green Gables Book reviews thoughts-I enjoyed reading Shatter. It is different from what I usually read, and it was a fun change! It is the first book by the author, Charissa Moritz, that I have read. I hope to read more of her books!

Shatter-about the book Tia is running on empty. It’s the first day of her senior year, and she is tired. No, she is exhausted. The extra responsibility and stress of taking care of her siblings, their home, and everyone’s busy schedules are too much! Who wears a stained t-shirt on the first day of their senior year? Tia does. Everything is out of control!

Tia zips into “her” parking space and-too late- sees a guy and a bike. Of course, she hits the bike with the van. Great. And, even worse, the guy is HOT. Wait. No way, is that Taz? Is he back? He has scars on his face. What happened to him?

Taz is the boy Tia used to share her PB&J with when they were younger. He ended up getting into trouble one too many times, and then he left. He’s back, and he’s …..grown-up, and Tia can’t believe it. He’s gorgeous!

As luck would have it, Tia is assigned to show Taz around the school. What’s with him? He won’t even look at her, much less talk to her. Does he remember her?

Later, when Taz shows up at Tia’s house, everything changes. He just brought home her younger sister, who got drunk at a party. Again, Tia thinks, everything is out of control!

Now what? Can Tia remind him they used to be friends? Tia makes getting to know Taz again her mission. She would never have dreamed how hard it would be for them to be friends. There are so many obstacles in their way. But, once they do become friends, it is incredible.

I have to share my favorite quote from Shatter. “Every day is new. Even when we dread them, every single sunrise is a possibility. Hope is what gives us strength to look ahead.”-Tia’s mom, Elise West (Shatter)

Great book! Such likable characters. You will go through a range of emotions when you read Shatter. And, you will want to read more!

If you’d like to purchase Shatter by Charisse Moritz, here is my affiliate link *I may earn a small commission from your purchase. Thank you!


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