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Someone Knows – by Lisa Scottoline

Someone Knows – by Lisa Scottoline

Someone Knows – by Lisa Scottoline

This was a really great book-Lisa Scottoline never disappoints! She is an amazing author! She has written many books- I think I have read 7 of them. I’ll look for more! -Janell. Five stars, without a doubt!

Think about yourself as a teenager….is there anything you did that you wish you could go back and change? What if you just wanted to fit in? What if you were scared that someone would go to jail if you told the truth? What if you knew how someone died? When it’s 20 years later and you go back home, what would you do? Would you have the courage to confront your past?-Janell

Four teenagers…living in the same neighborhood…one finds a gun buried in the woods. With encouragement, a boy gets bullets to impress the popular girl that he watches from his window at night.

I loved the format of this book! It was written from the different perspectives of the main characters, each dealing with different pressures in their lives. Absent parents, the death of a sibling, depression, pressure to be the best, struggling with life’s large issues, the pressures,…it is can get to be too much. Teens need a way to let off steam, right? What can it hurt to go along with the crowd, especially when there is a cute boy involved!

What happen when a cute new boy moves to town? What happens when there’s jealousy? What happens when you’re drinking and kissing and having fun and then …no one thinks the gun is loaded….but it is. A death, RUN, scatter, never speak of this! No more contact-friendships are over. Wait-were they really friendships?

It’s twenty years later. Allie goes back to home for the funeral of her first love, David. What happened to him? Why did he die? Is it time to confront the others? Allie has suffered all of these years…her health has suffered, her relationships have suffered, her marriage is suffering. She has not led the life she should have. Is this the time to confront the others? Will she go to jail..will they all go to jail? Why did David die?

They ending of this book is something I did not see combing! You’ll be blown away! – Janell

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