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Still Me – by Jojo Moyes

Loved this book-the audio book has a wonderful Narrator!

I really liked this book a lot-it was great for me to listen to it as an audio book. It was one that I listened to driving, gardening, cleaning the house..the audio book reader has a wonderful voice that fits perfectly with the main character. A wonderful, feel good story! 5 Stars~Janell

Louisa Clark arrives in New York, nervous but ready for change. She doesn’t know what her job will be…not exactly…but she’s ready. She is up for living a New York lifestyle and ready for whatever comes her way. It can’t be that much different than life in England? Can it? Although Sam is in England and she’s here. But, never mind that, they love each other and there is email and letters and they will see each other and they’re in love, so it will all be fine, right?

When Louisa arrives at the apartment where she will be living, it is like nothing she could have imagined. There is more staff than she can believe! Before she knows it, she is attending social functions and keeping secrets with Agnes, Mr Leonard Gopnik’s second, much younger wife. Agnes and Louisa become friends, she is Agnes’ confidant and they have fun together. Louisa is able to help Agnes out of several situations where New York society is unkind to her. They have a great relationship and Agnes comes to rely on Louisa for everything. Louisa even shields Agnes from the terrible neighbor, Mrs. Dewitt, and her dreadful dog, Dean Martin. Mrs. Dewitt is always quick with her complaints and feels the Gopnik’s are always doing something wrong. Each day is filled with activities on the color coded schedule and sometimes in Louisa’s mind she questions the things Agnes secretly adds to her daily schedule, but Louisa is the help, she is Agnes’ helper and it is not her job to question or judge. She is there to assist and assist she shall. That’s right, everything is great. She is in New York. Yes! Everything is just fine.

Louisa and Sam continue to email, and they miss each other. They are looking forward to seeing each other. When Louisa is at a social function with Agnes, she sees someone that has such a striking resemblance to someone in her past, she is stunned for a moment. He seems drawn to her, as she is him…but Agnes needs her and she is dating Sam. Enough thinking about this Josh person, Louisa! Sam, yes, Sam…Louisa will see Sam very soon.

But, Josh and Louisa’s paths keep crossing. Agnes’ schedule keeps Louisa on her toes. Then, by accident, Louisa discovers a very big secret that could destroy the Gopnik’s. She is very loyal to Agnes and will never reveal this secret. But, is Agnes loyal to Louisa?

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