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Such a Good Mother by Helen Monks Takhar

Is they anything you wouldn't do to get your child into the best school?

Such a Good Mother by Helen Monks Takhar

Rose has never felt like she fit in. Growing up, home life was tough, she was bullied at school, and the taunts still ring in her ears.

When everything starts to change in their neighborhood, Rose wants to move forward too. Instead, she, her hunky husband, and her son are stuck in their tiny apartment across from THE school to have your kids go to.

Rose is determined for her son to have the best life has to offer, so she goes to the open house for the school. Even though there are red flags, she knows this is the school for him. And, when the top of the mom totem pole is interested in her, she feels hopeful.

Soon, overheard conversations and cold shoulders don't matter to Rose, because she has something the Woolf Academy needs. But is she willing to do what they ask?


OK-I liked it a lot, but I could set it down and wasn't devouring it. Still a great read and recommended.


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