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“That’s Not a Thing” by Jacqueline Friedland

“That’s Not a Thing” by Jacqueline Friedland

“That’s Not a Thing” draws you in from the first chapter! I can’t wait to read what Jacqueline Friedland writes next!-Green Gables Book Reviews

In college, Meredith met the love of her life, Wesley. Their wedding was planned when Wesley got a devastating phone call. He left her, alone, and waiting for him to return. He never did. She tried to move on.

Years have gone by and Meredith and Aaron are out with friends at a hot new restaurant to celebrate their engagement. They’re discussing where to have the wedding when Meredith realizes this restaurant could be a great venue! Aaron takes the lead and askes the server if they do special events. The server says the owner will come and speak with them. Meredith is shocked when it is Wesley, who she still thinks about and wonders about.

This chance meeting seems to have taken over Meredith’s life. She keeps thinking about Wesley and doing her best to keep things normal with Aaron. She loves Aaron and she loves their life together, her as a lawyer and him as a neonatologist. They are so good together. Why is she letting these thoughts consumer her?

Meredith decides to go somewhere she used to love and is surprised to find out Wesley is there. She is even more surprised to learn he has ALS. His body is already showing signs. Her heart is aching. She finds herself more and more consumed with thoughts of him.

Just when Meredith knows she needs to pull away, Aaron intervenes. Meredith knows what is right and what is wrong. Which path will she choose?

5 stars! Add this one to your to be read pile!

Pre-order now! (Commissioned link, below.) Available April 14.

  1. Paperback: 352 pages

  2. Publisher: SparkPress (April 14, 2020)

  3. Language: English

  4. ISBN-10: 1684630304

  5. ISBN-13: 978-1684630301


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