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The Bad Sister by J.A. Corrigan

The Bad Sister by J.A Corrigan

Three sisters living with a dysfunctional mother. A family tragedy that they don't talk about has changed all of them—forever. How can they cope with something they don't discuss? Eva, their mother, has turned to drugs with her new husband, young Jess barely speaks, Natalie has an uncontrollable condition, and Teresa and Natalie do not get along. Teresa has escaped-and now Eva is throwing a graduation party/engagement party for Teresa and Luke. Even tough they don't want to be there.

When a tragedy strikes during the party, stories vary. Eva tells Jess and Natalie what she knows they saw. And, it changes the course of all of their lives. Will the sisters ever speak to each to each other again? Years pass, can anything bring the sisters back into each others lives?

"Well-written with great character descriptions. A few times I wondered if I had missed a detail or two—but all of my questions were answered later in the book. A fast paced read!"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables


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