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The Better Sister by Alafair Burke

There’s no way you will solve the mysteries surrounding these two sisters. Like a rope twisted together the secrets surrounding them are very hard to unravel! A great read that was hard to set down. You will want to read this book! 5 stars!-Green Gables Book Reviews

Is what you show on the outside how things are behind closed doors? Chloe Taylor has a prefect life. She’s getting awards for her work as a Publisher at a New York magazine, she’s got a huge social media presence and following. Sure, some don’t like her, she gets threats here and there, but it makes her more popular. People talk, everyone loves a controversy. Then, there’s her husband, Adam, a prominent lawyer in Manhattan. And, Ethan..yes, he’s actually Chloe’s step-son, but he’s been calling her Mom for years. And, she’s definitely way more a Mom than his real mother ever would have been.

Then, when Chloe is at a party Adam didn’t care to attend, something happens. Something terrible happens. Chloe goes home and finds Adam, dead, stabbed multiple times. This starts the terrible untwisting of the tangles in Chloe’s life.

You, see, Chloe is not just Ethan’s step-mom, she is his Aunt. Yes, you read that correctly. Ethan’s mother is Nicky, Adam’s ex-wife and Chloe’s sister. And, telling you that is just the beginning. What will they do when the police seem to be focusing on Ethan in the investigation? Will they stand together or fall apart?

Available in many formats. “The Better Sister” by Alafair Burke

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Published by-Harper Collins

Published-April 16, 2019


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