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The Book of Untold Stories by Sherri Maret

“If you know a child with a fun imagination, The Book of Untold Stories is the one for them! Great illustrations that encourage children to think of the story beyond what they are seeing. Fun while learning! Author Sherri Maret has given kids a great start to becoming young authors! You’ll love hearing the stories your kids come up with!” -Books and Pens on Green Gables

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Author Sherri Maret has written a book to teach kids how to write a book! Along with excellent illustrations, each page in the book describes different parts of a story. Kids learn about plots, themes, settings, what conflicts are, and more. There are also imagination starter prompts to create titles for the illustrations. A great book for the young author you love!

Kids will love becoming young authors with the help of The Book of Untold Stories.


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