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"The Condemned" by Jesse Rosenbaum

Love horror?

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Author Jesse Rosenbaum hits the mark with The Condemned. Scary, oozy, graphic, and gory, with fear loaded in describes horror for me. This book has every one of those elements!

Halloween timely and an anytime great read for horror fans! The truth? I had to skim a couple of parts because… ummm, well, read it and you’ll see! Well-done by Rosenbaum, the author should be proud.

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College student Michael starts having nightmares that make him lose sleep and his focus as finals week approaches. He soon finds that the nightmares are becoming real and taking over his entire life. As the real-life nightmare gets worse every day, every part of Michael’s life is being affected. He tries not to sleep to avoid the nightmares, and soon school, dating, and everything Mike knows becomes a part of this real-life nightmare. When his best friend Tom tried to help him take control over his nightmare, everything about the nightmares changes, …. again.

A descriptive and well-written book horror fans will love.


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