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The First Mistake – by Sandie Jones

The First Mistake – by Sandie Jones

The First Mistake – by Sandie Jones

I got this Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) book a couple of weeks ago and the back of the book doesn’t give much away of what the book is about. So, it was in my “to be read pile” for longer than usual. Once I started to read it, it got off to a slow start…but it help my interest enough to keep reading. The last page of part 1 was UNBELIEVABLE– so unbelievable that I finished the entire book the same day, in between doing other things. Let me know what you think! By the way-this is this Authors second book. Her first book, The Other Woman was really good, too!~Janell

The First Mistake by Sandie Jones focuses on 2 main characters, Alice and Beth. 4 stars!

Alice has two daughters, and even though she is remarried to Nathan, still mourns the death of her first husband, Tom. Alice is a top designer and she and Nathan are pursuing a job in Japan that will be the big break Alice’s company needs.

Beth, her best friend, has a daughter and is a single Mom. The two visit at school drop offs and get together as often as they can to relax and catch up.

Over dinner one night, Beth shares with Alice that her daughter has started to ask questions about the Dad she has never met. Unfortunately, Beth’s boyfriend from years ago, cheated on her and left before he knew she was pregnant. Beth is very bitter about this and will never forgive him, even if she did know how to find him.

Soon after, Alice confides in Beth that she thinks Nathan is cheating on her. She’s devastated and isn’t sure what to do. She confronts Nathan and he can explain everything. Alice can’t believe that she let herself think this-of course he isn’t having an affair!

But, the flower delivery….the receipt….the texts….can they all be coincidence? Then, her beloved Tom pops up on Facebook! Is Alice imaging things? Then Beth decides she’s going to try to find her daughters Father and says something to Alice that changes everything for both of them!

Get your copy here!

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