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The Ghostwriter and the Gems – by Jacqueline Sable

Available August 13

So, this book is called a “Cozy Mystery” and that’s a perfect description! Reading this book, I felt like I was visiting with a friend and she was telling me a fun story about something that happened to her! A little bizarre at times, but still a very fun story to let myself get lost in. A quick read-25 chapters-and just a great-grab-a-coffee-and-put-your-feet-up-to-read kind of story. I truly enjoyed letting myself get lost in this fun adventure!-Janell at Green Gables Book Reviews

Annie, a Ghostwriter, gets pulled into the story of her life, when Harry, her editor offers her more money for a job than she could ever have imagined. Before she knows it she makes a quick decision about her reliable-but not the right fit-job and is moving! What was she thinking? And as Harry shares more details, this job get more and more odd. She can’t contact the writer? What? None of this makes any sense at all, but the money,…..Before Annie knows it she keeps running into a cute guy in town. And then Harry shows up and everything takes a turn! Wait, why is Cindy being so mean to her and what happened to the brakes in her car?! Agh! Annie might be in more trouble than she ever imagined, and she’s just a girl that is a Ghostwriter!

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