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“The Good Neighbor” by Cathryn Grant

Cathryn Grant has written a book that starts out strong and keeps going. Surprises, mystery, and twists make it memorable! 5 stars!-Green Gables Book Reviews

New neighbors are moving into the culdesac and Taylor can’t help but be curious. It looks like one child, a young girl, is moving in with her parents, judging by what the moving van has delivered.

When the Mom and child arrive, Taylor is a little surprised that the young girl she was expecting is actually a young teen. The family keeps to themselves and no one in the culdesac has gotten a chance to know them when the unimaginable happens.

It’s the middle of the night. Moira wakes up. She’s thirsty. She goes in to peek at Brittany. She’s not there. She’s not in her bed. Moira is frantic! Searching! Where is she?! She and Alan search the house. She is missing!

Moira runs to neighbor Taylor’s house and wakes her, searching for help. Where is Brittany? Did anyone see anything? Hear anything? Who took their little girl?

A search begins, the police are doing everything they can. Neighbors turn against neighbors and Taylor begins to have some questions. What has really happened to Brittany?

  1. Paperback: 312 pages

  2. Publisher: Independently published (September 7, 2019)

  3. Language: English

  4. ISBN-10: 1691605581

  5. ISBN-13: 978-1691605583

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