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"The Grace Kelly Dress" by Brenda Janowitz

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Three women, three generations, and one iconic dress.

Books and Pens on Green Gables thoughts- l loved every part of this book. Author Brenda Janowitz writing style is one of my favorites, highlighting each era and main character. I loved knowing the thoughts of who I reading about. I was able to picture each woman in my mind, and feel a part of their stories.

Rocky, a nickname of course, is recently engaged to Drew, and Joan, her mother, is very excited about planning a huge wedding and seeing her daughter wear "the" dress. It's a challenging situation, because Rocky and Drew want a small, intimate wedding. And, Rocky does not like "the" dress. But she’s expected to wear it. Her grandmother did, her mom did, and Rocky simply doesn’t like it. It’s not her style at all. She’s not into princess type dresses, or any dresses. Navigating wedding conversations with her mother is difficult since their ideas are so different.

Joan, as a college student, was engaged to gorgeous Matthew. Joan has been dreaming of wearing her mother’s gorgeous wedding dress since she was a young girl. She is beyond excited for her chance. When an invitation to an art show arrives addressed to Joan’s deceased sister, everything changes in Joan’s well planned life. Is Matthew really the person for her?

Rose, orphaned at a young age, loves her job as a seamstress living in Paris in 1958. Working for the famous Madame Michel is amazing and Rose is thrilled Madame has recognized her talent. When Rose has to take on the full design and wedding dress project for a wealthy customer, she is nervous. Can she meet the standards set by Madame to sew the dress? And, the bride-to-be has a brother who is so handsome…

The Grace Kelly Dress is wonderful book about traditions, a dress, and love.

The Grace Kelly Dress is highly recommended by

Are you on a Book Club? The Grace Kelly Dress has a book club guide on Brenda Janowitz website! Here's the link! (Check it out! There's a recipe, a this or that, discussion guide. It looks AMAZING!)

I received a free copy of The Grace Kelly Dress to read and review. Thank you!


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