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The House on Hallowed Ground – by Nancy Cole Silverman

Available Sept 10

I’ve never thought about if I believe in Psychics or not…but this book gives readers something to think about! -Green Gables Book Reviews

The House on Hallowed Ground -A Misty Dawn Mystery-by Nancy Cole Silverman is a new book being released soon. Pre-orders are available (see below)

I love the cover of this book! Nancy Cole Silverman made a great choice here because the cover is a lot different from most books on the market right now and I think this cover will really stand out in a bookstore among other new releases!

Misty Dawn is a former Psychic to the Stars who is starting fresh is a new home, an old Craftsman style. She never would have thought that when she moved in, the previous owner would still be there!

Recently deceased Wilson Thorne, formerly a set designer in Hollywood, is still occupying the home…even though he passed away recently. Wilson doesn’t seem to know he is stuck here, in a limbo state and is not very happy about this, when Misty explains it to him.

Soon, Misty meets a local actress, named Zoey, who knocks on her door looking for help. Wilson listens in when he sees it is Zoey, and Misty and Wilson are both very interested when she says she thinks her new home, The Pink Mansion, is haunted. When Misty (and Wilson) go to check it out the next morning, there is a crowd gathered. There has been a murder and Zoey’s best friend is dead!

The Police are crossing suspects off of their list and Misty is looking at the other side of things in the home-she soon finds it really is haunted and Wilson makes a new friend. While Zoey is dealing with issues in her personal life, she is relieved to find out that the sounds she heard were real, and she isn’t going crazy!

Things in Zoey’s life jump to a new level as secrets are revealed and flowers appear at her door. When Zoey is arrested for murder, even more secrets are revealed and Zoey learns who she can trust and who she cannot. Is Zoey in danger from whoever killed her friend?

Get your here!

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