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The Housekeeper by Joy Fielding

A mother with Parkinson's, a dad with little patience, and a daughter that wants to help.

Jodi Bishop has never been able to get her dad's approval. Her career, her weight, her clothing, the money she makes...none of it is good enough, and her aging father, Vic, is vocal about all of it.

But, still, Jodi wants to help her parents. Her mother is now bedridden and requires more and more care. Not to mention the care of the large home they live in.

So when Jodi mentions getting a housekeeper to help out her father and sister, they leave it all to her. Her dad doesn't feel it is needed, and her sister just can't be bothered.

Jodi has plenty going on in her life, too. Her husband had great success with the first book he published and is working on the second. He is irritable and stressed and seems to resent her time working as a realtor if he needs to have the kids with him. Jodi witnesses something that makes her question her trust in her husband.

After a fantastic interview and glowing references, Jodi hires the housekeeper, Elyse. She can fill every need they have; she is pleasant and well qualified to care for Jodi's mom.

Vic is won over quickly, and Jodi values Elyse more and more each day.

Until everything changes, and Jodi wonders how she could have made such a mistake.

This book is FABULOUS! I devoured it!

Here's why:

It is written in a style that feels conversational, which I love!

Any one of us would have hired this wonderful person!

The dad ... grrr.

The mystery of Jodi's husband.

Cute kiddo's.

Plenty of mystery, secrets, lies, and annoyance with characters.

Five stars! Great book!


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