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The Housewife – by Valerie Keogh

The Housewife – by Valerie Keogh

The Housewife – by Valerie Keogh

The Housewife! I had an odd feeling reading this book. I liked it, then I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t stop reading it! I’d start to feel like I was getting a little bored, then something would happen to draw me back in! This is a book that does make you of it didn’t make sense to me right away. I’d take a few minutes and do something else, then it would start to make sense. The ending was very unexpected, and made me question different things that had happened in the book-Janell

It’s time to join the real world again, it has been long enough. It’s time to start living a more normal life. Diane knows it’s time, but why does it seem so hard to take the steps to move forward? She gives it a little more time and after pre-school drop off, finds herself at a Charity Shop, and soon starts working there. On her first day, she sees a woman, and everything changes. The way the woman looked at her, should Diane know her? Why can’t Diane place who she is? It really bothers her and soon Diane is having strange things happen-did she lock the front door? How could she forget to pick up her daughter? Wait-is someone watching her? Could it be? Is it that woman? What is happening? Why has Diane become terrified of a room in her home-and, sshhh, listen-is that a baby crying? Where is there a baby? What is happening? Diane is doing her best to hide her fears from her husband-but is she loosing her mind? But, the Woman from the Charity shop-is that her? Across the street? What is happening?

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