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The Hunt – by Jacqueline Terrill

The Hunt – by Jacqueline Terrill

The Hunt – by Jacqueline Terrill

“The Hunt” by Jacqueline Terrill

One day, you’re a wife of 30 years and you realize that lately your husband isn’t acting like himself anymore. He’s drinking more than he should, he’s short tempered….all of a sudden money is tight. What’s going on with him? Where is the money going and why does he have such a short fuse? Talking to him doesn’t work, it seems everything makes him mad.

Rachel is so confused! She can’t figure out what is happening with her and Seth. To get her mind off things, she meets their daughter for dinner. On the way home things start to change…are they being followed?

So many strange things start happening, and Rachel is blindsided. The Sheriff is at their door with a foreclosure notice, stating their mortgage hasn’t been paid for months. Rachel can’t believe that they are in this situation. Seth is angry and rude to her.

Rachel needs a break and is invited to her friend Lauren’s cabin for Thanksgiving. She needs the time to think about what is happening with her marriage.

Rachel feels her safety is being threatened and she knows who is behind the threats. Seth has changed more than she thought and she begins to realize the Blackstone family she married into to, is nothing like she thought. Is she safe anywhere she goes? Is she being watched? Can she ever have a normal life again?

You can order “The Hunt” here.

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