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The I-94 Murders – by Frank F. Weber

The I-94 Murders – by Frank F. Weber

Written by a Minnesota Author!

This book was a Birthday gift from my wonderful friend, Krista! When I started to read The I-94 Murders in January, I had a hard time getting into it. Winter is a really busy time for our family and my brain was just too full! I picked it up again this week and read it-what a great book! It is important to pay attention to the headings so you know what character the section is about, the location, and the day/time. This is a very busy book-there are lots of things happening at once and several people in the book. It is so well written. I really love that rural Minnesota is referred to-even Brainerd gets a mention! A couple of Facebook followers mentioned they have read it-has anyone else? Book #3 comes out this Fall! ~ Janell

The I-94 Murders focuses on Investigator Jon Fredrick. His personal life has taken a bad turn and now his professional life is in overdrive as he is trying to find out who is killing people in the communities along I-94 in Minnesota. The killer is targeting couples who stores a certain type of photo online and Jon realizes the killer is taunting him with puzzles hidden in the messages he sends. Jon ends up enlisting the help of his family to help keep people safe-he knows no one can get to possible victims if they are with his parents. Through many twists and turns, different people are possible suspects along the way…how is it that the I-94 Murderer seems to know different steps Investigators are taking.

Is someone involved with the Investigation giving out information?

Get your copy of “The I-94 Murders” here!

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