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“The New Husband” by D. J. Palmer

“The New Husband” by D. J. Palmer

First, I was very excited to get to be an early reader of this book! I read “Saving Meghan” and loved it. It is really cool that St. Martin’s Press sent this book out to so many D. J. Palmer readers. Thank you!

“Palmer’s books draw you in quickly and don’t let go. Frighteningly real, great characters and so well done. 5 stars!” – Green Gables Book Reviews

After a devastating loss of her husband, Glen, Nina is carefully starting over. She, Connor and Maggie have been through a lot since Glen disappeared, and the things she has found out since have devastated Nina. Was Glen really having an affair? Nina is left with lingering questions about her life with her husband before he disappeared. She has come to the point of accepting herself as a widow.

Nina hasn’t yet accepted Simon’s marriage proposal, but they are starting a life together in a new home and trying to become a family. Connor and Simon have connected and Nina expected struggles, but Maggie is being so difficult that it is creating a cloud over their new family.

Nina feels ready to return to her career as a Social Worker, but Simon is questioning the timing, with Maggie struggling with their new life. Nina feels on top of the world when she gets the job! As Nina tries to find a balance, things continue to escalate at home, and she starts to question herself.

Did her friend really misunderstand what Simon said? Did she really forget about the dinner invitation-or does Simon want her to think she forgot? Nina finds herself starting to ask herself hard questions about her new life…and about Simon. Does she really know him? Does she know enough about his past marriages?

When a life or death situation happens with Maggie, everything changes. Has Maggie been right about Simon all along? Nina makes a bold decision that becomes dangerous for everyone in their family.

So well written! Absolutely 5 stars!

  1. Print Length: 384 pages

  2. Publisher: St. Martin’s Press (April 14, 2020)

  3. Publication Date: April 14, 2020

  4. Sold by: Macmillan

  5. Language: English


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