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The New Year's Eve Party by Hannah Emery


Resolutions are made, Marriages are broken.

"How have I gotten lucky with SO MANY FANTASTIC BOOKS??!!The New Year's Eve Party is another great one! Five stars!! Pre-order now and read it before you attend any New Year's Eve Parties"

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Frankie and Red, Max and Verity. Friends for years. Since they were kids hanging out at the beach on vacations.

Max was actually Verity's father's friend, but the two fell in love when Verity was a teenager, despite the age difference and people talking. Everyone loves Max, he's an artist and rather famous, especially in the town where they live. They're the town's celebrities, the people everyone want to know about, Instagram famous, known for lavish parties, and the best life has to offer. But, there is something Verity wants that she can't seem to have.

Frankie and Red. A busy but happy marriage, three kids, and have just "made it" to living on the lake, the exclusive area of town. Red works hard, maybe too hard some days. And Frankie feels her life is a whirlwind of pick-ups and drop-offs, and wiping faces, laundry, cooking, and schedules. But, she always has time for her long-time best friend, Verity. Frankie and Red can see Verity and Max's house across the lake and through the trees. But, in one day, the view changes.

When a new person, Alice, enters their world, everything becomes different. Her daughter, Luna, starts working at the art studio and Verity is quite taken with her. Alice wants to a part of Frankie and Verity's world.

The New Year's Eve Party is THE event of the year. Being invited to it is a big deal. Alice is thrilled to have an invitation, but is she excited just because it's the party of the year? Or is there another reason she wants to be there?

The night of the party, everyone is dressed in their finest, hair done, food, champagne, fireworks. The expectations are higher every year. But, Verity isn't herself. Something keeps happening. Is something wrong with her? How are so many odd things happening to her? And, is Max hiding something from her? Who else is hiding something? This year, The New Year's Eve Party will reveal more than just resolutions.

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Great book! Give your Kindle a treat and pre-order it!

Thank you to NetGalley, HarperCollinsUK, and OneMoreChapter books for sending me this early release of The New Year's Eve Party by Hannah Emery!


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