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The Perfect Child – by Lucinda Berry

Posted On May 4, 2019

This was a really good book that held my interest-I finished it in a weekend!

The Main Characters-Hannah, Chris, Allison, Piper, Janie and Baby Cole Settings-The Hospital, Chris and Hannah’s Home, Allison’s Home and Janie’s bedroom

Husband and wife, Chris and Hannah, want a baby more than anything. They are considering adoption, while grieving not being able to have their own biological child. He is a Doctor and she is a Nurse, they work hectic, opposite schedules, but they know they love each other and know they would be incredible parents!

When Chris is on duty one night, a young child is brought into the ER. She is malnourished, very small, and covered in blood. She is alone, and was found in a Parking Lot. Where did she come from? What are these marks on her neck and body? Who is she and where are her parents? What has happened to her? Chris seems to be the only Doctor that is able to connect with this small, young, neglected child.

Chris seems to get closer and closer to Janie and he wants his wife, Hannah to meet this child that he adores. Hannah comes to the hospital to meet her, along with Chris. When she gets there, Janie is not happy. She doesn’t like the nurses and only wants to be with Chris. Hannah quickly takes the hint and leaves Chris with her, while she goes to start her shift at work.

Chris cannot believe how well Janie is recovering, but worries as she has no home to go to, no parents have come for her, and the Police have discovered gruesome details about her being found in the Parking Lot covered in blood. The Police now worry about her safety. Chris wants to take Janie to he and Hannah’s home, on a temporary bases until a family is found to care for her. He knew it would be an adjustment for all of them, but the he and Hannah could provide a perfect home and a lot of love for Janie.

They do take her into their home as a foster child, then adopt her, even though Hannah has concerns.

Can a 6 year old be manipulative? Does a child of this age have the ability to control what they are doing?

Hannah is the at home parent with Janie. she sees and experiences many things that worry her. Hannah begins to go through experiences with Janie that she cannot believe and doesn’t know how to handle, and then Hannah can’t believe it when she finds out that she is pregnant!

I don’t want to give away any more of the book, but this book is really, really good! Some of the things that happen, I never would have predicted. How can a family move forward after the tragedy that has happened?

A few teasers- Does Chris believe Hannah about the things she tells him Janie does? How does Chris feel about the pregnancy? How will Janie do in school? How will Janie respond to a new baby? Will Hannah and Chris make it through this when he seems to side with Janie?

Can a 6 year old be manipulative?

It was hard to put down.

5 stars!!

More books by Lucinda Berry- Phantom Limb Missing Parts Appetite for Innocence Saving Noah When She Returned

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