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“The Push” by Ashley Audrain

This book will draw you in right away!

Audrain’s first novel is a huge win! “The Push” will keep you up past your bedtime and you will still be thinking about it the next day! I’m hoping there’s a Book 2 in the works!” -Green Gables Book Reviews

My Thoughts-Looking for a Book Club book? Or a new book for some downtime? Here it is! I’m blown away that “The Push” is Audrain’s first novel. It is so well written and the story has you wondering. Can a Mom’s intuition be wrong? Or is it always right? So good!

The Overview-A great husband, a new baby girl, life should be wonderful, right? But, the new Mom, Blythe, is struggling with Baby Violet not sleeping well, not eating well, and finding life’s new routine. As time goes by, Blythe becomes convinced something is wrong with their baby and continues to feel that way as time goes by. She just doesn’t seem to behave the way other pre-school children do.

Blythe’s husband, Fox, thinks that the problems Blythe talks about are all blown out of proportion and not anything to be worried about. When he is with Violet, she is a sweet and cuddly girl. When there are issues at school, Fox thinks it’s just normal kid behavior. He thinks the issue is Blythe and since he feels that way, she even keeps a few things from him that Violet has done, thinking that he won’t believe her anyway.

They settle into life, Blythe always guarded around Violet. Fox and Blythe are thrilled to welcome a baby boy, Sam. Sam is an easy baby, he sleeps, eats well, and loves to cuddle. Violet even seems to enjoy Sam.

But, life takes Blythe and Fox on an unexpected journey and soon everything is different for them. New routines, new plans, then the most devastating thing of all happens-changing all of their lives forever.

You can get a copy here from Amazon through my affiliate link. (An affiliate link means that I may earn a commission on items purchased but at no extra cost to you.)

Author information-ASHLEY AUDRAIN previously worked as the publicity director of Penguin Books Canada. Prior to Penguin, she worked in public relations. She is a graduate of the Media, Information & Technoculture program at Western University. She lives in Toronto, where she and her partner are raising their two young children. The Push is her first novel.

Photo by Barbara Stoneham

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