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The Rhyming Tales of Mimi the Moon Princess by S.B. Christian and E.W. Rhodes

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This new release by S.B. Christian and E.W. Rhodes is a timeless storybook for kids with a beautiful message, wonderful takeaway quotes, and stunning illustrations. The messages in this book are powerful, and I think that The Rhyming Tales of Mimi the Moon Princess is a book that kids will understand in one way after the first reading, and the message will begin to have a deeper meaning as kids hear it again or as the child gets older. This book is timely, well-written with thoughtful poetry, and the message is current not just today but every day. I had several favorite quotes, but I really liked this one, “Words often get in the way. It’s actions that speak loudly; they explain what words cannot say.” This book would be a grand addition to your special keepsake book collection.

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Mimi is surprised to meet Chandra, a beautiful young deer from the woods. Chandra and Mimi become friends, spending their days playing and exploring in the woods together. Chandra, the young deer, is even in Mimi’s dreams! But, Mimi is confused about what her dream means. Their friendship grows as they spend time together and one night, Chandra and Mimi go on a beautiful and peaceful journey through the path of the lilacs to a very special place at the end of the path. What they found was a beautiful ending to their journey.

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