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The Six – by Anni Taylor

The Six – by Anni Taylor

The Six – by Anni Taylor

This book had me just in reading the prologue! I had read the back of the book, but nothing prepared me for the suspenseful book I read! It is one of the best in this genre I have read! It is an action packed, who are these people, why is this happening sort of book! Then, I got to chapter 59, and I was up reading long into the night! A book I’m telling my husband to read-it is THAT GOOD!! Absolutely 5 stars~Janell

Evie knows she is in trouble and doesn’t know what to do. She knows she can’t tell her husband about what she has done. But, if she doesn’t do something to fix this, how will she, Gray, Willow and Lilly survive? She never thought her gambling would get her in this much trouble-she’s always done well-how did she get so far in debt? And, the other things she’s done? How did she let it get this bad? She wishes she never would have met Kara in the bathroom at the casino.

So, when she’s offered a way out of all of her debt, of course she took it. All of her gambling debts paid, plus her winnings? There’s no way she could turn it down. Grey would understand everything once she got home and explained it. He would forgive her and they could move into a better house. They need that for the girls, especially Lilly, who seems to be getting sick more often lately.

Reading Evie’s note, Gray is frantic-where would she have gone? And why didn’t she say anything? He knows money has been tight, but he thought they were good, and their marriage was good. The things she told Marla, just don’t make sense. Where would she be? Then, everything changes. Her car is found burned in the woods and Gray is the main suspect. He knows he is innocent, but who would want to hurt Evie? She can’t be dead!

Gray has one chance to try to find her and he takes it. Soon after, everyone is looking for him and thinks he is a murderer.

Evie is facing the most difficult challenges of her life. Her family needs her to succeed, to be one of the final six and get her debts paid off and for her to no longer be a gambling addicted Mom and Wife.

The challenges keep getting more and more difficult but Evie still remains a part of the competitors. With one challenge remaining the final six competitors decide celebration wine would be in order. They break into the cellar and can’t believe what is there waiting for them. This will definitely be their most difficult challenge!

Will Grey get caught? Will Evie survive the final challenge? Will their marriage survive what she has done?

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