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The Stand-In by Lauren Campbell

“The Stand-In” by Lauren Campbell

What happens when you save a stinky drunk guy from the police finding him? You give him a smooch as a cover when the officer is nearby and send the guy away with cab fare. But…do you forget him? Then, what happens months later when your car breaks down and you see him..wait, is it him? Yes, it’s definitely him and now he’s rescuing you. A little business proposition along the way? What could go wrong? It sounds easy enough. All Tess needs to do is pretend to be Rhett’s girlfriend, get paid more money than it could ever be worth and get an interview for her dream job? Easy, right?

“The Stand-In” has some laugh out loud moments! Great humor and great writing. In an oh-my-gosh-this could actually happen sort of way! – Green Gables Book Reviews

Publication Date-October 9, 2019

Pages-291 pages

Sold by- Amazon Digital Services, LLC

As an Amazon associate, I may receive a commission on this purchase. Thank you!

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