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The Tick and the Tock of the Crocodile Clock by Kenny Boyle

"Written in a 'real-feel' way, Boyletakes readers into the mind of main character, Wendy."

-Books and Pens on Green Gables

The Tick and the Tock of the Crocodile Clock by Kenny Boyle

Wendy has a way with words-and she loves learning new words to "try out" on unsuspecting people that call into her job at a call-center. However, her manager isn't impressed. Wendy loses her job and, surprisingly, another person leaves too! Wendy doesn't know the other person - it was her first day - but appreciates the support.

Cat and Wendy become friends. Although it is not necessarily a happy friendship. Cat seems to push Wendy into some things that cross the line. But, Wendy willingly follows.

The women both struggle, even with opportunities to better themselves, like getting new jobs, but they don't. Even with no money, they just are not motivated.

When Cat makes a decision that deeply affects them both, Wendy does something out of character. And, it leads to change in her life.

I was a bit confused reading this book, but it all came together in the end. It is written in a very "real" way. It is open, bold, and revealing.

I was given this book to read and review.


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