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“The Weekend Escape” by Rakie Bennett

The Weekend Escape by Rakie Bennett

The Weekend Escape by Rakie Bennett Green Gables Book Reviews thoughts:

I enjoyed everything about The Weekend Escape-the mystery, the suspense, the remote location. The intense interactions of the friends in the group with each other and with the warden, Marnie.

Do you enjoy weekends away? Maybe somewhere with your oldest friends to reconnect? Possibly somewhere remote, rustic, off-grid with a fantastic view? You can laugh, and re-live old adventures, and reminisce. Doesn’t that sound great?

What if the weather might not be quite what you expected? You can still make it fun. But, what if, during your first planned activity, a friend falls during her rope descent down from the lighthouse? And then you discover it may not have been an accident. Did someone cut the rope?

But, you and your friends think she’ll be ok. Yes, we need to get help as soon as possible; the Coastguard will come. She will be ok. It is then that you realize there is no cell phone service here. But! The warden will have a way to get help. Until they find her, Marnie, and discover the radio is broken.

The Weekend Escape is well-written, and Bennett does a great job of helping readers keep track of who is who in the book by giving subtle reminders about their descriptions.

The Weekend Escape by Reiki Bennett is written so that you can see it in your mind playing out, like a movie. And, the ending was a total surprise!”-Green Gables Book Reviews

I am so happy to have gotten an advanced copy of The Weekend Escape to read and review!

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