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Things You Save in a Fire – by Katherine Center

Available August 13, 2019

I really, really liked this book! I read it in less that 24 hours-it was that good! The book is available this August…you may want to pre-order it. I’m putting this Author on a Favorites list! 5 stars!-Janell

“Saving Lives was Easy-Saving Herself was Another Story”

Cassie is one of few female Firefighters, so she has made it her mission to be the best. She works hard, trains hard and is the best around. The others in her Unit admire her and they know she has their back, no matter what. Cassie is being honored at the beginning of the book for her bravery, and her unit-her family-is there to support her.

Whoever would have thought that everything would get so turned around after receiving such an award? How did this all happen? Before Cassie knows it, she is moving, reconnecting with her Mom that left her years ago, on Cassie’s 16th Birthday, and starting her career over, as the only female ever to work within this Fire Department. She knows the path ahead will be challenging and she will need to prove herself every step of the way. But, when Cassie finds out she has a battle against someone unknown that is on the Team, things get even more difficult. Cassie knows she has to work even harder to prove herself, and then there is a major fire. Has she trained hard enough? Can she protect the people who need her to keep them safe?

This is such a well written book-easy to read. Well portrayed characters and easy to relate to. Very well done!

Get your copy here!

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