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Trail of Ashes by Ashley Fraley

"Trail of Ashes checks all the boxes to be a great book!

A dysfunctional family, a selfish boyfriend,

bad memories, a murder, a serial killer and a past first-love.

Sounds great, right? It is!

Ashley Fraley is one of my new favorite authors!"

- Books and Pens on Green Gables

Trail of Ashes by Ashley Fraley

When you get a call that your mom is in trouble, you go back home. Harper hasn't had a relationship with her mom for a long time. She's lived with memories of the way her mom treated her when she was growing up. Her brother and her friends were the only ones she could count on. When she finds out who is behind her mom's murder, she can't believe it. The Striker, from when Harper was a kid, is back.

Harper soon finds herself working with her old friend, Tony, now a police officer. He gives her more unexpected news that leads to a lot of memories and questions for Harper. Harper starts doing her own investigation and can't believe all of the secrets she is discovering in this small town.

Then another mystery, how can she still have feelings for her first boyfriend after all these years?

Trail of Ashes by Ashley Fraley is a great book, well-written, great storyline,

likable characters! Available NOW!

Thank you to the author for giving me her book to read and review! This review contains an affiliate link. If you purchase the book using the link, I may earn a small commission.


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