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Unloved, a love story – by Katy Regnery

Unloved, a love story – by Katy Regnery

Unloved, a love story – by Katy Regnery

So, this is a hard review to write. I really liked the story of this book…but I must warn you that if you decide to read this book, there are several chapters in the middle of the book that are very, very “adult”. The general story is great and the book is really well written. I liked the characters a lot and the author did a really great job on the format of this book. I did feel like the book ended a little abruptly…and wished for a bit more story at the end. Four stars-Janell

What would it be like to loose the love of your life? What if you never got to say goodbye? What if the world is telling you it is time to stop grieving and move on? What if you don’t want to?

Brynn has experienced the most abrupt, painful loss of her life. Jem was killed two years ago and she cannot move on. Why do people want her to move on-it hurts too much. She is content with her quiet life, living with her grief, alone.

Cassidy has been ashamed of who he is since he was a young boy. How can a Dad do what his did? Did he ever love Cassidy or his Mom? Cassidy has made a vow that he will never be like his Father. He will never fall in love and he will never have children. The evil that lived in his Father will never live in another person.

Brynn decides it is time to say goodbye to Jem in her own way, by hiking the mountain he loved. She is not a skilled hiker, not compared to Jem, but she knows she can do it. It’s time to say goodbye.

On the hike, Brynn is brutally attacked by Wayne, a person she met earlier and was wary of. She is scared, screaming out in pain, when everything goes dark.

Brynn wakes up in a soft bed, with stitches. As her memories come back of that night, she is scared. Then, Cassidy comes into the room. He saved her! He carried her 7 miles down the mountain, he has stitched her up and is doing his best to save her. Brynn is in and out of consciousness for days and Cass is very worried. Thankfully, Brynn wakes up and is on the road to recovery.

Cassidy slowly begins to share parts of his world with Brynn, and Brynn opens up to him. She grows stronger each day, as she recovers.

Brynn and Cassidy develop a relationship that scares Cassidy. He realizes things are going to far and he can no longer have Brynn in his home.

How will Cassidy handle this with Brynn? Can he send her away? Will she go?

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