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Until Dead by Donnell Ann Bell

“Until Dead has a host of memorable characters, and the storyline is something that could be taken from today’s news headlines! Well done!”-Books and Pens on Green Gables

Until Dead by Donnell Ann Bell

Unexpected details, history, and jealousy all merge into a case you won’t believe in Until Dead.

A bombing at a Denver coffee shop brings past co-workers back onto a case together, and they each come ready and prepared to do what is necessary to solve it. When the lead investigator Pope finds out his former partner and friend was killed in the bombing protecting the Assistant US Attorney, he knows he and his team will stop at nothing to find who is responsible.

Donnell Ann Bell brings together the Black Pearl cold case team and some new agents to help with the case. Working together, they have two goals—keep Theresa, Assistant US Attorney, safe from another attack—and find who is behind the attack and threat on her life.

When the team becomes scattered and communications become more complicated, can they all keep themselves—and Theresa—safe? And, once they discover more details about the bomber and his skills, it is hard to know if they are one step ahead—or if the bomber is.

Until Dead is a highly recommended four-star book with the perfect mix of suspense, thrill, mystery, deception, and a teeny hint of romance. With some references to Black Pearl, the book is excellently written as a second book. But, Until Dead can easily be read as a stand-alone book too. Don’t lose your focus as you read-you might miss some important details!

“Unique characters blend in this high-profile suspense written by Donnell Ann Bell. Each person brings their unique expertise to help solve the case. But will past experiences help them or harm them?”

-Books and Pens on Green Gables


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