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We'd Know By Then by Kirsten Bohling

What if your world was grey and then everything changed to color when you met a certain person?

We'd Know By Then by Kirsten Bohling

Is your world filled with color? Beautiful flowers, the blue sky, colorful clothing, red lipstick, the yellow of rainboots...things that make you smile, like polka dots and rainbows? Or is your world a cloudy day, an old favorite sweater, a stuffed elephant toy from your childhood, a rainy day.

Which do you prefer? Cloudy and rainy days can be cozy – sometimes. But, everyday?

I love color!

"We'd Know By Then is a great book! You'll be cheering for Brighton Evans and you might feel a little upset with her, too! You'll for sure be cheering for Cain Whitaker and you'll love Brighton's roommate and best friend! And, when circumstances change for Brighton, you'll feel her anguish. Kirsten Bohling has done a fantastic job of describing each charachter in her book. You get a vision in your mind of them and can see this book playing out, page by page. Five stars!" - Books and Pens on Green Gables

Here's the blurb:

In a monochrome world, Brighton Evans is a splash of brilliant colour.

She can see the world in its true, kaleidoscopic form—a privilege reserved for soulmates only after they’ve found their other halves.

Knowing your soulmate when they come along should be easy, but Brighton can’t remember a time when she hasn’t seen in colour. The past has her convinced that life is safer this way; she doesn’t need a soulmate.

When Brighton meets a handsome, delightfully cheeky stranger, her carefully cultivated ‘happy enough’ crumbles as their meet-cute blossoms into true friendship. Cain Whitaker has soulmate written all over him.

With Cain by her side, Brighton sees the world as she never has before . . . until circumstance smothers her colour and leaves her wondering: if the timing is everything . . . is she too late?

Thank you to Love Books Tours for giving me

We'd Know By Then by Kirsten Bohling

to read and review!

The book is now available for purchase! Here is a link! I am an Amazon affiliate and if you make a purchase using the link, I may earn a small commission. Thank you!


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