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"What Pretty Gets You" by Chandra Hoffman

What Pretty Gets You is a great book, great storyline, many emotions, five stars. I’ll look for more from Chandra Hoffman!

What Pretty Gets You may change your perspective on many things. Things aren’t always as they seem on the outside, whether a person, behind closed doors or in a marriage. Hard to put down, my favorite character changed to two favorites as I kept reading.

Five stars!”

- Books and Pens on Green Gables

Maia is a regular girl. She sees herself the same as everyone else, but to other people, she is tall and blonde, with a gorgeous body, and she should be a model. No one sees the broke, in trouble with the law, left home at 14 Maia who is doing everything she can just to get by.

Joel travels for work. He sees Maia at the airport bar when he’s waiting for his flight, and they connect over talking about Boulder, where he lives. He’s about to tell her something when he has to leave to catch his flight.

Maia couldn’t stop thinking about Joel and wondering what he was going to say. She works at the airport and watches for him all the time. One day, she even sells something to him. She can’t believe he doesn’t seem to remember her.

One day, she does it. She makes a quick decision and is soon sitting next to him on a flight to Denver. She has no bags, no plan, and very little money. Just her fake ID and the money she took from the cash register and plans to pay back to her boss. It’s Maia’s first flight, and the circumstances are not great. She and Joel connect. Talking, holding hands, and kissing after a terrible in-flight experience. He does remember her, and they start making plans. He’ll give her a ride to Boulder, and life can begin.

Carolyn is lying on the technician's table, hoping everything is ok with the baby. The receptionist is keeping her daughter, Sasha, busy in case the ultrasound isn’t good news. To Carolyn’s relief, everything is ok. And, it’s a boy! She can’t wait to tell her husband! He’ll be thrilled.

But, when Carolyn sees her husband, he is with a gorgeous blonde, and they look too comfortable together. Soon, this blonde is in their car with them. Carolyn can’t believe this is happening.

Joel is surprised that Carolyn and Sasha showed up at the airport. He can’t imagine what Maia must be thinking.

HE’S MARRIED?? Maia can’t believe she just flew to Denver on a whim, and he’s married with a child and his wife is pregnant.

With no money to get back to Philly, Maia has no choice. She needs to figure this out. Soon, she has a job and a dog. And, Joel.

But one day, Carolyn shows up at Maia’s job and offers her a new job with double the pay working as her nanny/helper. How could Maia turn her down?

Great book, great storyline, many emotions, five stars.

I was given an early release of What Pretty Gets You by Chandra Hoffman to read and review. Thank you to BookSirens and the author.

This post contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase using the link, I may earn a small commission. Thank you!


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