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You Only Live Once by Maxine Morrey

You Only Live Once by Maxine Morrey

Lily lived through a tragedy that killed her husband. But she is not living life the way it is intended. She barely leaves her home, and people in the town she lives in wonder about her and reclusive lifestyle.

But, Lily loves to spend time with her brother and his family. Their two kids are the brightest spots in Lily's days, and she loves her work. She's a best-selling author!

Lily can't believe it when Lily's brother tells his best friend, Jack, that he can stay with Lily until he finds his own place. She isn't one to entertain company- and especially not Jack, who she had an embarrassing experience with years ago. Maybe he won't remember it?

Lily and Jack soon fall into a routine. They both find themselves in situations they can't get out of, and they are there to help each other through them. When Jack brings a surprise home for Lily, she won't accept it. Can Jack get Lily to start living a real life again?

Such a fun book! Light-hearted, easy, feel-good reading!


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